Written & Directed by Stephanie Weetman, "A Letter To Myself" is a unique spoken-word poem, adapted into short film, about Maria's coming of age story and her life long tumultuous battle - relationship- with her body.

Being the production & costume designer was a challenge, but I identified with Maria's struggles and that emotional attachment was enough to motivate me to achieve the art direction of this story. I sat down with Stephanie and we created this world Maria lived in where the lines between reality and a dream were blurred. We chose to have one color - pale pink- that attached all the different version of Maria together. 

It was an amazing collaborative experience and the best part is that the end product and overall message is one I personally believe needs to be shared with the rest of the world. It's great to be part of projects of this kind, where it's more that just a job. 

A Letter to Myself

production & Costume designer