Directed by Andrea García Márquez, “What Everybody Was Doing” is a unique short film comprised of seven stories, ten writers, one motel, and twenty characters all coming together in the most curious of ways to represent one thing and one thing only, life.


A confrontation between perception and reality, this film is an exposé on life and all of its ironies and randomness, leaving the audience with a mere glimpse into all of these character’s unique lives and fragments of their stories; creating more questions than answers.For each of the twenty characters I had to visualize and conceptualize everything about who they were: their social conditions, ways of life, strengths, weaknesses, idiosyncrasies, emotional states, their relationship to the other characters in the scene, etc. 

Through research – garment, make-up, hair, accessories – and countless meetings with the director and production designer, production and character design was profusely analyzed and developed. We found exciting and creative ways to combine our jobs in order to heighten the drama, intensify the mood, and manipulate style so as to illuminate the underlying meanings of the script and express the director’s point of view.